Unconnected Family Groups

Many individuals who have been identified from family and public records remain unconnected with the Harned family tree. To list all of them would require far too much space on these pages. We have provided information on some of the larger groups of Harneds who have been identified, but have yet to be connected to the family. If there were other individuals in the same locality and time period, they have been listed as well.

Numbering of generations is used only to show relative position in the family group. If a possible unproven connection exists because of place, time and age, the word "tentative" preceeds the individual's generation number. Where a probable or known connection to the Harned tree has been identified, the generation number from The Harneds of North America has been used.

If you can help identify the ancestry of any of these harneds, please send the information you have to Tom Harned or to John Harned (delete "removethis." from email address before sending).

New Jersey

Ohio - Northwest

Ohio - Northeast

Ohio - West Central

Ohio - Central

Pennsylvania - Western


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