Tom's ancestors are included in the HNA Family Data file.

My grandfather, Elza Thomas Harned, prepared a seven generation pedigree chart for my father. The chart included both Harned and Glasscock family trees. I inherited this chart when my father died and I tucked it away with my other possessions.

When our son John was ten years of age, I asked him if he was interested in gathering some family records and he was eager to do it. We phoned the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort and asked if there was a published article on the Harned Family of Kentucky. The person answering the phone chuckled and said, "Yes, would you like a citation where it can be found?" We of course excitedly said we would, to which the person said, "Just a moment and I will get it." When she came back to the phone she gave us the citation and then said, "I am a Harned." Then she proceeded to explain her place in the Kentucky Harned Family. At that time we had no understanding of our relationship.

We lived in rural Oklahoma 18 miles from the nearest city, so we started calling around the state to find the nearest library that had the journal for which we were looking. We found that a genealogy library in Tulsa, Oklahoma had our article and that was about 80 miles away. We had family living there so the next time we went to Tulsa we made a special trip to the library and made photo copies of Arthur L. Keith's article "The Harned Family of Kentucky". Our son John took this article and prepared family group records with his direct ancestral line back to England. This is when I thought I would begin to compile records for The Harned Family of Oklahoma.

That start of only three known families has now resulted in my entering more than 25,000 individual records into Personal Ancestral File over a 20 year time span. And I am still telephoning, US Postal mailing, E-mailing and otherwise seeking, searching, gathering, and compiling Harned genealogy.

My wife, Judy and I had the privilege of attending a Harned Family Homecoming in Custer, Breckinridge County, Kentucky in 1992. We interviewed people and typed family data on our laptop computer for more than six hours as others gathered, visited and ate. While there, we saw the town of Harned, Breckinridge County, Kentucky which was named for my great grandfather Henry C. Harned.

As we drove across Kentucky, each night when we stopped for the evening we phoned every Harned in the phone book gathering genealogy and typing it into our computer. It really became a laughing experience as I would hang out on pay phones in the most inconceivable places. Once I unplugged video games in a Laundromat in order to plug in the laptop. This of course was done while we were doing our laundry.

We retired in 1995 and are still traveling and gathering genealogy. I still telephone all the Harneds in the phone book when we stop for the evening. I retired after teaching 26 years in colleges and universities throughout Oklahoma. I taught Nursing, Hospital Administration and Gerontology. Gerontology was probably the most helpful to me because I taught retirement planning for years. As a result we did a lot of retirement planning and it has paid off.

Judy taught nursing, was a research analyst, entered research data on computer for analysis on fish and goat research, maintained a mailing list to more than 15,000 individuals involved with fish and goat research and managed a university computer lab.

Our son John has a masters degree in accounting, is a Certified Public Accountant, and works for a firm in Tulsa, OK which specializes in nursing home and hospital consultation and audits. As a child John said that he didn't want to have anything to do with medicine or hospitals! He enjoys telling this story to prospective clients.

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