Researching the Harned Family

In researching the Harned family, we have benefited from past researchers over a long Research History, as well as hundreds of current family members. We don't have space to thank all of them, but some have made major contributions to our knowledge of the family. Our book "The Harneds of North America" identified those who have provided information. Although out of print, copies of this book reside in many large genealogical libraries across the country.

A natural result of collecting information for the book "The Harneds of North America" the development of a sizeable collection of materials on the Harned family, including photographs, public and private records, and copies of old family trees, as well as correspondence and manuscripts of past researchers such as Arthur Keith. We encourage everyone to continue sending copies of Harned related bible records, photos, and public land, birth, marriage and death records. We will add these items to the collection and will eventually make all materials available to a public archive as The Harned Collection.

We have had a number of inquiries about whether we might have any additional unconnected data. As we were compiling the book "The Harneds of North America" between 1992 and 1996 we compiled a table of unconnected events which we had found in primary sources but were unable to connect to identified family members. If you are a serious Harned family researcher, you might find something in the Unconnected Event Database. Some events remaining in this unconnected data may relate to individuals who have already been identified. In addition, our book included a bibliography of printed sources used in our basic research. Although out of date, this Harned Bibliography may provide some guidance to sources available for specific geographic areas.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to the data on any of the pages on this website, such as the lineages for descendants of Harned daughters. Information may be sent to:

Tom Harned (delete "removethis." from email address before sending)

John Harned (delete "removethis." from email address before sending)
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