This site includes my personal history, genealogical information on my extended family, and information on the 44th New York Volunteer Infantry, and the defense of Little Round Top during the Battle of Gettysburg. I encourage any of my friends from past years as well as those interested in the engagement on Little Round Top to contact me by email (see below).

I was raised in Chatham, NJ, about 15 miles west of New York City. One of the great things about Chatham was that it provided a small-town environment with access to many of the educational and cultural opportunities of a big city. While growing up I worked part-time as a stock and sales clerk in my grandparents' Harned's Gift Shop, which was a block away from my boyhood home. Other activities included involvement in PF at the Stanley Congregational Church, attending a regional music school all through my years in Chatham, and participation in various choirs and choruses state-wide.

After graduating from Chatham High School I moved to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona and warm up, and have been here ever since. I continued my involvement with music by singing with the University of Arizona Symphonic Chorus, and singing solos with a number local choirs. My degree, however, was in psychology and labor relations. My profession for nearly 20 years was in Human Resources and Labor Relations, holding the position of Vice-President for Human Resources at Tucson General Hospital. I began systems consulting on the side in the early 80's, and several years later went full-time in computer networking and business software. My home-based business, Softstuf, has served clients in Southern Arizona since 1985.

In my spare time I support the Harneds of North America web site, build some furniture, and do birding around Southeast Arizona, one of the premier birding regions in the country. Music and film are chronic addictions, with all the associated audio/video hardware and software. We're fortunate to live in Tucson, with the great winter weather and many nearby recreational opportunities.

My wife Diane is an Equine Veterinary Technician and a perpetual student whose life is horses...horses...horses. Son Carter lives in New York City (some things come full circle), employed with Leeds Equity, a private equity firm. Daughter Kim lives in Sandpoint, ID, working in retail sales and indulging her passions for hiking, camping, skiing, and boating.

My interest in family history began in childhood, while listening to my parents and grandparents tell stories of their own experiences during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Woodbridge, New Jersey, which had been an early cradle for the entire Harned family, was only a few miles from where I was born and raised, but the only other Harneds I knew were my own grandparents living a block away.

It's amazing that I had any interest at all in the Harned name, because as a kid I was convinced that someone had conspired to give me the strangest surname on earth. One early nickname my friends gave me was "The Green Hornet"...and even my Mom got in the act...when she was ready to tear her hair out I would become "Hard-head Harned"...guess that hasn't changed.

A lifelong fascination with the Civil War and the Harned family began with childhood visits to the Gettysburg Battlefield where my great-grandfather James Henry Harned was one of the defenders with the 44th New York Regiment on Little Round Top. In recent years this interest has become focused on the Harned Family's participation on both sides of the conflict. I have a sizable library of Civil War books focused on the daily life of soldiers North and South, and on the Battle of Gettysburg.

You may contact me by email at: john at harneds dot com

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