Harned Family Data

This data has been developed through the efforts of many family members across North America. Nearly 35,000 descendants and family from 14+ generations are represented, with the data current with what family members have provided as of 09 Jul 2012. Some members of early generations show a number in their name which corresponds to the number assigned by Arthur Keith in his two NYGBS articles on the Harned family.

In making this data available, we ask that you respect the rights of the people included and use the information appropriately. We would appreciate you referring to "The Harneds of North America" as your source. Because of concerns expressed by some family members about identity theft, we developed our own program to remove birth dates and notes for living family members. In general terms, we show birth dates and notes only when the record had a birth, christening or baptism and that date was over 80 years ago, or when the record had a death or burial. All other notes and sources have been removed, but can be provided individually on request.

Because we have gathered information from many different family members and sources, we can not guarantee complete accuracy of all data on these pages, and hope that you will help us correct any errors. Please support this effort by contributing information on your own family and ancestors, and on other connected surnames. If you don't find your family, or find that some information is missing, contact either Tom Harned or John Harned to help us fill in the blanks (delete "removethis." from email address before sending).

Our data includes many descendants of Edward Harnett who have different surnames. Significant research on many of these other surnames exists on elsewhere on the internet. We do not include large volumes of that data here at HNA, but in some cases have included links to those sites on the Links page.

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