Guestbook Archive - 2007

2007-08-21 - Jennifer Harned
im married to michael harned and was doing a family tree and drew a blank on Edward Harnett Born. 1566

2007-07-20 - Paul J. Harned
Great site. I feel fortunate to be able to view the history of our family on this site. Thank You

2007-06-29 - rosemary euden nee harnett
i have just started researching my family tree as i live in kent where edward was born i have found your website extremely fascinating and interesting to learn about my american ancestors

2007-04-14 - merle paul barthell
was searching the web for the barthell family and it took me here any relation to the barthells

2007-03-27 - sheri michele (harned) salvail
my mom's father was robert harned . he was originally from kentucky. he served in ww2 as a pharmacist. he survived the York Town in the Pacific.

2007-03-27 - michele salvail
As a writer, I am published as Michele Salvail. I thought that I woud mention that. So far, Wicked Alice Litery Journal, Zaum Literary Journal, Project Censored, and more to come very soon.
As a kid, I went by Harned for years. I was teased for being like a hornet much to my disdain.It is a smashing name for a lawyer anyway.It should be no big surprise that it was always the Irish kids in the neighborhood that came up with such brutal nicknames. This is in responsa to the fellow that complained of being called "hard headed".

2007-03-15 - Marion Thomas Harned, Colonel USAF
Thanks for keeping the Harned family history on-going. Always enjoy catching up on some of the latest happenings. Will be retiring from the Air Force this summer and returning to home in Boston {Nelson County} Kentucky. Looking forward to spending more time with family and keeping up with our history. Marion Thomas Harned, Colonel USAF

2007-03-11 - Karen Zwingman
Very detailed site: GREAT

Please note: Link to David Harnett's site isn't working...
More Harned information on Nancy Harned b. March 02, 1797... married John Fancher and had 4 children...Rachel '29, Isaac'30, Jacob'33, and Salina'38.

2007-02-25 - Holley Northington
How are the Harneds related to the Northingtons? I have Harneds on my maternal side of the family and this is saying my marital side is related as well.

2007-02-11 - Pat Nichols
Just loads of information. I had all but given up on my G Grandmother's side of the family till I found this site. Thanks for all the good and hard work. You shold be proud of it.

2007-02-06 - Kathryn Ann Hill
I am the grandaughter of Maude Carfield Hill, daughter of John Carfield Hill. I googled grandma, and it led me to your site. I would be interested in giving and receiving more info about your/my family. I was born in Mt. Vernon WA. in 1963, about 3 or four years before grandma Maude passed away.

2007-02-05 - VaLinda Dale McCoy
I stumbled upon this sight just by chance--saw that my name was somehow connected with Rachel Elizabeth Harned Irons. What can you tell me of the connection? I am very interested since I just started to trace the Irons family tree and I have hit some road blocks. Any help you can give me would be appreciated!

2007-02-01 - Stephany Blevins
Your webpage has been very helpful to me. I am trying to research my grandfather Charles Kenneth Harned. He was killed in Korea in 1952. I have been looking all over the internet. Finally I ran into yours. Thank you.

2007-01-19 - Shelly Large(Harned)
Very interesting.
Softstuf - Tucson