Guestbook Archive - 2006

2006-12-06 - Tim Harned
A lot of info on Harned's. I've only ran into a couple of Harned's (other than my large family) in my 47 years. Most of them were when I was a kid, visiting my grandfather, aunts and uncles in Paducah, Kentucky.
I guess it must be a Harned Curse to be called "Hard Head". I've been called that my entire life. I won't mention the others that I'm sure the Harned guys hear.
Thanks, Tim Harned

2006-11-14 - Kathy Rude
Love your website, I was following the Cash/Wilson lines of my family. You've really given me a lot of information. Thanks.


2006-10-12 - Karen K. Harned (Droste) Carroll
This is great stuff! Just found your, or our, website through a friend who is a geniologist. Have not completed all of it yet, but plan to do so. I am the daughter of Thomas Randolph Harned, who was the son of Levi Buchanan Harned. Since grandpa came from Kentucky, I imagine I am a "Kentucky Harned". Probably will be in touch with you soon. Thanks for all your work!

nice site you have.i am looking for my family of mcnair/mcanear
andrew smith mcnair b-4-9-1810 d-10-19-1885 married catherine clister abt 1829(b-5-25-1811 pa d-7-20-1920 milo,ia) they had 13 children
father robert mcnair b-1775 maryland married elizbeth
robert change spelling from mcanear to mcnair
robert father samauel mcanear
samuel father alexander mcanear b-fredrick,maryland
any boby can help me find the family roots please or tell where i can look at let me know thanks sheila

2006-06-21 - Susan Ashcraft
I recently attended my aunt's 100th bday and got a renewed interest in searching for info. Some great information! This is the best site I have come across. Margaret Harnett married my 5X GGF Alexander Keith in Pennsylvania, I believe. I have a lot of family data and I'll share later. Susan

2006-05-18 - Kay Fussman Burton
Jennie Myrtle Harned was my grandmother. How interesting to read the history of the family! The site is excellent and I appreciate all the work that has gone into it.
Thank you for your continued efforts.

2006-05-14 - cindy pierce
I was adopted at birth and found my biological father, Lynn Harned, about 4 years ago. He recently died and this site has given me so much information that I never would have known about! My biological grandfather, Joe Harned, is still alive and I hope to get a lot of information from him regarding my biological family tree.

This site is WONDERFUL!! Cindy

2006-05-04 - Erin Heald
I couldn't find myself. I could only find up to my dad(Craig Alan Heald) and my uncle(Lloyd Reed Heald).

Craig married Susan Marie Miller- they had 2 children-myself(Erin Elizabeth Heald) and my little sister(Alyssa Raye Heald)

Uncle Reed married Robin(don't know her real name)- they had 2 children as well. Shawn Michael Heald and Wesley Heald ( I cannot remember Wesley's middle name for the life of me!)

2006-05-02 - debra peerman
i could not find my grandfather Will Harned who married Nell Durham and moved from Stiles Kentucky to Cherry Valley Ill

2006-04-12 - Dave Harned
GREAT WEBSITE.............

2006-02-27 - David Harned
I had no idea there were still so many Harned's?! I remember checking this site out years ago and it's amazing to still see it up. From the Harned's of Mississippi! (There are 6 here with the family name)

2006-02-20 - Cindy Pierce
Wow I am very impressed!!!! My father was Lynn Harned and I only knew him for a few years because I was given up for adoption at birth. Lynn was a fabulous man and I miss him very much! This site is wonderful!! Cindy

2006-01-11 - Laura Harned Stewart

What a wonderful surprise. I am a Canadian Harned from the east coast in New Brunswick. My grandfather was Edward Harned and was a boat builder in Saint John. Here, there are very few Harneds left. I am so surprised to see so many in the States. This makes my day.

2006-01-11 - Chris Harned
Very nice site and interesting.
From the Harneds in Saint John New Brunswick Canada

Good Job
Softstuf - Tucson