Guestbook Archive - 2005

2005-12-15 - kenneth lawrence harned
hi, Im over in Iraq right now with the 322nd Maintance CO. enjoying the sunny warm days.

2005-12-12 - Dick Deegan
This is avery nice web site. I am related to the HARNED'S by way of the Wilson's Clark's and Bruch's. I will e-mail Tom.

2005-12-11 - Beverly Zinn
I was looking for info on my father Gerald C. Zinn..son of Martin C. Zinn and stumpled across this site. Very nice..

2005-12-11 - Beverly Zinn
Daughter of Virgina Maxine Radabaugh, Gerald C. Zinn. My grandmother was Opal May Harned and Cameron H. Radabaugh was my grandfather.. Opals mom was Louisa Martin Harned and father was David A. Harned.

2005-11-15 - Denise Harned
married to Stephen James Harned

2005-11-12 - shery Cummings
Hello there, I am trying to contact Stacy Morschhauser and the email address that is listed is not valid. I show
Does anyone have her current email addy? I would appreciate it so much
Thank you

2005-10-26 - Robert & Judy Harned
Our 14 year old daughter found this website while we were attending the funeral of Elmer Harned Hess. Elmer's mother is Lucille Hess, daughter of Thurman & Fannie Mae Harned, (both deceased) of Homewood, Illinois.

Truely amazing,

Judy Harned

2005-10-13 - Holly Michelle (Krueger) Gonet
Great history!! Very interesting!! I never knew anything farther back than my great, great grandparents!!


2005-09-19 - Tanya Harned
My aunt rose said that our Harned family came over on the Mayflower. There's been a journal passed down through each family. I was just curious to see if there were anyone I could find.

2005-07-14 - Michael Matthew Harned
Originally from Northeast PA. Pittston, PA
Son of James Joseph, who was the son of Walter(Baseball pitcher)from Wilkes-Barre, PA

2005-07-02 - Wagner Bazarin
Very nice site. I will project my own family web site trying to use yours as a good example.

Wagner Bazarin (from the family of Alessandro Silvestro Bazzarin - Casalserugo Italy)
Sao Paulo

2005-06-26 - Gary Joe Pile
Good Site!

2005-04-16 - Barbara Kleven
Fabulous site Just heard about it today from my cousin whom I haven't heard from in years. She got a call from Thomas Harned in Tulsa OK. Haven't really studied too much will when I have more time. My middle name is spelled incorretly. Ann does not have an "e" as on the website. Would have made my grandmother happy. She always thought it should have one.

My mother was Dawn Harned married to Robert Wilcox in 1936.

2005-03-28 - Bonnie-Lea Lathrop Williams McKenney
I did not expect to find my family tree, filled with so many familiar family names, when I did a web search on my son's name. I learned a few things I did not know. What a blessing! Thank you!

2005-02-10 - lavina quilliam
it really great email any time

2005-01-15 - Debra E. Harned
I love this site because it gave me some answer without me having to do the work. And I love the humor and irony on the site. And best yet I was able to shock my cousin Terry (who is very hard to surprise let alone shock) with the knowledge that our ancestors were English and not German (that's what we had been told) and that they were Quakers. I'm Catholic and he is Baptist so that was interesting.
This is a really cool site.
Thanks again

2005-01-13 - Eloise Anita Lewis Liu
I am a granddaughter of Dr. George W. Lewis and Nanny Rebecca MacArthur Lewis.
I think this is a fabulous website. I remember attending the Harned Family
Renunions as a child, in Albion, Pennsylvania. The Harneds and Lewis's had
several marriages amoung them. I have much of my family's geneology and
old photographs. I would welcome e-mail from any and all relatives.
God Bless.
Softstuf - Tucson