Guestbook Archive - 2004

2004-12-30 - brittany perez
I just put my name in a search field and found it here. I dont know how I am related to whoever put this website together. I know my mother Debra Robinson does a lot of genelogy. Anways if you want to like email me somethign showing how I am linked to you that would be pretty cool, so thanks!
Brittany Perez

2004-12-21 - Janet Robitaille (Harned)
Haven't visited the site in quite sometime. Looking for relatives of my father... Elmer Harned.... his father was Sidney Harned...

2004-11-27 - Erin Harned
Hello! I am a Harned I looked up my name on Google hoping to find information about my family history and this popped up and got my interest! This is really interesting and I would appreciat it if anyone could send me some information! thank you if you can!

2004-11-24 - Allison Rae Wenz
I was on the website google and i typed in my name and my father Ronald wenz came up and i found this site. This is a wonderful site i never have heard of this side of my family i am only 14 my Father is Ronald Goerge Wenz. I would love it if you could send me more information on how this is all conceted.

2004-11-16 - darwin ward
this site is incredible,thank you so much for the work you have done.i know geneology can be exhausting,but sites like this make it so easy to trace your family history.

2004-10-13 - Michael K. Harned
I am from Long Island New York, my parents are from Huntington NY, my dad is Michael Leonard Harned and his father was Lenord Harned. thats all i know.

2004-09-29 - Richard Brunt
Lot of work was done on this family. While not a Harned, I "run" into them with my Runyon's. Great research.

2004-09-19 - Alice Harned Walters
Originally from Mississippi, currently residing in Lithuania. In some of my grandmother Harned's papers, it seems I saw something about a David Harned being considered the father of Presbyterianism in Kentucky. Can some of our cousins in Kentucky give credence to this? Perhaps my memory serves me wrong. For whom is the city of Harned, Kentucky, named?

To the Petticoffer Harned: I married into a PA Dutch family and my mother-in-law was a Petticoffer, from Lancaster County. Any relation?

2004-09-14 - Sue Creer
Your wedsite is very nice. I am not related. I have been looking for a long lost Friend Jeri Lynn Haagenson in Glen burnie,Maryland in the 1990's. Your site gave me some more info to find I would like more. She would know me by Sue Yancey. I tried to post a Query about the link wouldnt come up on my computer. Sorry for having to write this in the guestbook.
Thank you
Sue Creer

2004-09-01 - travis pountious
hi im travis pountious
i was wondering is the harneds related to blystone and the pountious.

2004-08-26 - William Walker
My Grandmother was Lena Bushong who is listed in your site along with a lot of her relatives. I found it very, very helpful in my geneology research.

2004-08-20 - Craig Forhan
reached your website through Google and was surprised to be included in the Harned family tree. Additional info is that Craig Forhan and Janet Sansgaard Forhan have three children, Ben, Paul and Lydia. Also my dad, Glen Forhan died on September 23, 2003.

2004-08-16 - Janet Rabensteine
I only know so much about the my own family, I thought it very interesting to learn a little unknown about my Great Aunt Alice H. Rabensteine by simplly searching the WEB!

2004-07-29 - Dave Harned
great website

2004-07-23 - Melanie Clay-Smith
My GGrandfather, Edwin Clay, married your Allward Nelson HARNED to Miss Susan Hamm.

2004-06-18 - Joy Estock
I have a copy of your family history book loaned to me by my Aunt, Elsie Jean Flynn Harned. I wish I knew how to get started writing a history of the Fullers, not the Mayflower Fullers, but related. I believe that I am descended from Robert Fuller who arrived in Mass. in 1638 on the ship Bemis. Got any suggestions on how to get started?

2004-06-06 - Mark Harned Davis,M.D.
I just happened on to this family site. My father Edwin Harned Davis just died last month. We are from Kentucky; Harned,Kentucky. My son is Colin Harned Davis.My father's mother was Ruth Harned his aunt was Martha Harned. My great grandfather was Ezra Clayburn Harned,M.D. He graduated from The University of Louisville school of medicine around 1890. This is so interesti9ng to me. I had no idea there were so many Harneds. We all have to be related

2004-04-15 - John Lennon
I am looking for my children Jesse and corey Lennon. I thought their grandmother Shirley Worden of Raitan ave. could assist me in that endever. If anyone knows of their whereabouts please contact me. Thank you


2004-02-19 - brenda lilly
are we related

2004-02-18 - brenda[lilly] summers
surfing on web and saw my name and my daughters name[stephanie ongley] [wrong birth year by the way] wondered how we are related

2004-02-15 - Robert G. Harned

I give this site a 10 = amazing

2004-02-02 - Cynthia Warnken
I am searching information on Gary Towlen or Sally ann Hill. Do you have any info, since Google sent me to your website.
Softstuf - Tucson