Guestbook Archive - 2003

2003-12-27 - Lora Ann Harnett (Froelke)
I had fun looking through your site...very interesting information...i am the daughter of Daniel Harnett and niece to his twin brother Edward (may they rest in peace)..i was shocked by all the men that they share names with...i wonder if we are decendents of the good or the know my father and uncle would have loved to see this site..thanks for the smile..

2003-12-14 - Peggy Sue Frary
I entered a search on Oklahoma Consistary and this site was one link to check out. Thank you. Peggy Sue

2003-12-04 - Margaret Ann Harned Chandler
Your site is wonderful! My grandfather, Horace H. Harned, was born reared in Plainfield.

12 years ago, our branch of the Harned family had a reunion there and visited the Meeting House.

Then, that Sunday, some of us attended a church meeting. This was my first experience of this kind of worship service. I was enthralled.

2003-11-14 - Ken Clinton
I just put my grandfather's name {Philip Donald Folwell} in the google search for the fun of it and came up with your site and all kinds of information on my mothers side of the family. My mother's middle name was Harned, and the Philadelphia - Allentown connection of the Zollenger-Harned Departmnent store has a favoritre haunt of mine while growing up. Thanks for the returned memories.
Ken Clinton

2003-11-14 - Christina Ricketts
I am the granddaughter of Millard Carroll Ricketts and I thought that this page was great. It is really awesome to be able to glimpse back at the past and see where your anscestors have come from. Thank you very much!

2003-11-13 - Debra Elise Harned
I'm the second daughter of George W. Harned and Jaunita Dillworth - a Western Ky Harned.
Great granddaughter of Ben and Samantha (also spelled Smanthia on her original tombstone) of Hickory KY. This is a great site. I can't wait to turn my nieces and nephew on to it.

Hello. My name is Beverly Zinn and I'm the daughter of Gerald Zinn and Maxine Radabaugh Zinn. My grandparents were Cameron and Opal Radabaugh. I am the great granddaughter of David Allison Harned. Love your website!

2003-11-12 - Beverly Renea Zinn
Hello. My name is Beverly Zinn and I'm the daughter of Gerald Zinn and Maxine Radabaugh Zinn. My grandparents were Cameron and Opal Radabaugh.

2003-11-12 - Fuller Runyan
I am descended from the Harned family - my g-g-g-g-g-g grandmother was Keziah Harned, who was married to Lewis Schuyler - both are buried at Jerseytown Cemetery, Columbia Co., PA

2003-11-10 - Paul G. Davis
If your interested in building my part of our family tree, which ends with my birth in 1964, I would be glad to share more information about births, deaths, etc. Thank you for putting this together!

2003-11-08 - Joyce Johns
I am the great granddaughter of David Allison Harned. I just happened on the site and was so happy! This is fantastic! My Mothers family is from West Virginia. Preston county. Thank you for all the wonderful research you have done. I have shared the information w/ my Mom and she recently went to W.Va. and shared it w/her sisters and brother/ The Radabaughs. This is so very wonderful.Thank you again.

2003-11-08 - Carol Hynes
Daughter of S. Madeline (Harned) Graham of Preston County, WV

2003-10-26 - Mindy Buker
Just wanted to sign the guest book. My mom was a Harned(Sandra Harned, daughter of Genevive Builta) and I saw that I was on the Webpage too.

2003-10-24 - Gail Applegate Rayborn
My grandmother's maiden name was Harned and she is from Grayson Co, Ky. Her father was William James and her mother was Mable Lena Collard Harned.

2003-10-23 - JILL ZINCK

2003-10-22 - Terry Albright
Rachel 261 Harned is my gggrandmother...married to William Albright. Mother of David Jonathan Albright (married to Martha Katurah Ash), who is my father's grandfather. The order is William>David>Elmo>Alva>Terry (me). Feel free to email me for any details.

2003-10-14 - Amanda Gerber
I'm from Wooster Ohio, but live in PA now. I was looking something up online and ran across my name and my parents on this page. It's a veyr nice web page

2003-10-13 - Dan Brittain
I sent some information last year on the Brittain connection. My father is Arthur, son of Orval Leo and Alice Loflin (that's the way it was spelled in our family).

I have since moved and thought you might want my new e mail address.


2003-09-29 - Daniel Bray
Great Site Interesting!!!!! :)...

2003-09-12 - claire mcglennon
i have to do a search for one of my Alevel courses on people with the same name as me. (mcglennon)i would be extremely gratefull if u could send me the infomation on when and how the name came into your family.
Thank you

Claire McGlennon

2003-09-10 - Edward S. Mills
Wonderful !!!!

Though I currently live just outside Houston, I am actually a BERMUDIAN HARNETT.

2003-08-24 - Roberta Rehner
Hi, I was browsing on typing in my name and this site came up. I saw Lewis Rehner's name and went onto this site. I am trying to figure out if he is the same Lewis Rehner who was my grandfater. He passed away in 1979 and lived in Natrona Heights, PA. Margaret was his sister.
I would appreciate your response. Thank you

Roberta Rehner- Hintemeyer
2003-08-12 - Joseph K. Weihe
Very interesting site... well done!

2003-08-08 - Bruce Thompson
I am a real estate Broker in state of Kentucky and I have a very interesting property on my listing inventory. The home is 8900 sq ft has 17+ acres and was built in 1840's by a gentleman named Ben Harned. The home in on the Kentucky Regristry of Historical Places. We are asking $240000.00 for the home. It has been vacant for approx 2 years and does need some tender loving care. There are 7 bedrooms one of which is named for Ben Harned, seven bathrooms, and 7 fireplaces.
I just thought that maybe one of the family members might like to own a peice of History in the great state of Kentucky. I can be reached at 1 800 326 9777 most all day and if I am not in the office have someone page me.

Bruce Thompson

2003-08-05 - Lisa-Noel
I happened upon this site when I put into a search engine the name Frederick Morgan Isele, who is the biological father of my son, Adam Jon-Erik, 20-years old. They have never met one another, due to our relationship breaking off during my pregnancy in 1982 thru 83...he gave up his paternal rights and I never heard from him again. I ran into a friend of his several years ago and he said that Fred is married now with other children. His son is now over 6'4", and extremely handsome. He is in the Army and had to go to Iraq, but will hopefully be back in the U.S. soon. It's Fred's loss that he turned his back on such a wonderful son.

2003-08-05 - Natasha Dye
Hi, I am natasha dye. I searched for myself at google and i came up under your website. What gives? thanks Natasha

2003-07-25 - Foxie Hagerty
Your page keeps going around in circles and back to the main page when clicking on
most of the links. I'm researching LLooking for my Ancestors or anyone knowing anything about these. Kandi, I have your information.Thanks! you can email me direct at
Also, Matilda Osborn and one of her sisters married in Bureau Co. The sister married a Sweet any relations please reply. Thanks!


2003-07-24 - Jennifer Hoskinson
The web site is informative and well written. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this web site.

2003-07-22 - Lynne Holland
What a great site. This site is well organized and chock full of info and sources. A real Gem!!! Thanks
My husband descends from Ann Harned, daughter of David Gideon Harned in the 1820's. She married Thomas Laughrey so that makes her my husband's 3rd great grandmother. This site has opened up a whole new branch of the family tree.

2003-07-15 - Jean V. Helms
Hi Tom and John - Many compliments on the web site, truly wonderful. It was forwarded to me by a distant Smither cousin. I am a descendant of John Smither (b. 1774) and Hannah (70) Harned. Their son Benjamin moved into Platte County, MO in the 1840's and there were many Smither descendants in the late 1800's - early 1900's, one of which was my father born in 1903. Have spent many hours trying to track the origin of John and so far can only determine that he was 'born in VA' from the 1810 census. Do you think he might have been born in Nelson County and perhaps followed the Harneds into Hardin County? Would appreciate any information on these two that you might have available, such as marriage records, deeds, etc. Thanks in advance and again - KUDOS for such a great site.

2003-07-05 - Richard Connors
Thoroughly enjoyed your site--My paternal grandmother is Evelyn Marie Harned of NY. Have bumped into Harned cousin Harriet Harned (now Marinella) in Alaska. Would be interested in updating some of the data on my grandmother's family--i.e. many WWII vets and a cousin who was killed in Viet Nam. Do not know if this is of interest--pleaase let me know. Regards, Rick Connors

2003-07-01 - Annetta Stith Martin
AMAZING....Between the Stith's and the Harned's I have been doing research for many years..This is a wonderful place to fill in all of my blank spaces..
..I can remember your visit to Custer Lodge Hall, Custer, KY, with your laptop in tow...What precious memories you are making for the Harned's to follow..Thanks for all your hard work.

2003-07-01 - Barbara L. Huggins
This is a wonderful site and I think everyone who has contributed to it deserves a lot of praise (and "Thanks") Mary Ann Molly Byrne, third wife of John William Harned, is a sister to my great-grandmother, Jennie Jane Byrne. Mary Ann also had another sister named Elizabeth (Lizzie)Byrne who married a man whose last name was Farmer. I believe they also lived in Nelsonville, Ky.
Unfortunately (for me), I've come up against the proverbial brick wall when it comes to finding the name and any dates for their parents. The only name I've come across is "Prather" which may be the maiden name of Molly's mother.
At any rate, I now have more information about my great aunt and uncle than I had before and I want to thank you. I won't neglect to cite the correct source from where the information came.
Barbara L. Huggins

2003-06-22 - Hillarie Shields

2003-06-14 - Donald R. Austin, Jr
Great website. I've added a lot to my own AUSTIN Family Tree.

2003-06-13 - Charles J. Thomas ( Nee Boppeler )
I klike your Website. I am the Father of Benji and would like very much to getin touch with him. I take it that he is no longer married to Angela Skeeters but I do hope that he can be reached. I would also like to contact my Granddaughtar Tasha Marie to make contact and let her know that I have Diabetes, which is an hereditary disease.

2003-05-27 - Terri Montgomery (Hynes)
Great site with a lot of info! It will be fun to read about my history and to show my kids as well!

2003-05-23 - Alisa Harned
Your website is full of interesting information!

2003-05-16 - James Chapnick
Very informative!

2003-05-16 - Keith L. Winsor
I came upon this site by typing my name into Google and finding one of my grandsons named Daniel Keith Winsor and then opened that site. I haven't looked through the site yet, but it looks like it's going to be interesting and thorough. One of my daughters is Virginia Winsor Kozak. She has done quite a bit of research on the Harned family. You may know Virginia because she and her husband attended one or two of the Harned reunions in Kentucky. Virginia lives in Fisherville, KY.

Keith Winsor

2003-05-15 - Linda Stinson
I think you site was wonderful and very informative. Keep up the good work

2003-05-11 - George Klotz
Son of Carolyn Langsford and Bernard Klotz. Nice to visit your site!

2003-05-09 - Matthew Gray Hynes

One of my cousins just sent me the link to your site and I was surprised to see my name listed. If you would like to update it, here is some new information. I married Bryn Marie Frickson (surname is now Hynes) and we have a wonderful little boy named Jack Doyle Hynes.

2003-04-25 - Billy Wayne Veech
My grandmother was Ada Harned of Breckenridge Co. Ky.
Came upon your website while doing some reserch.
I'll let my father (William Scott Veech) know about it.
He's already raeserched the Veech family.
I'm sure he'll be interested in contacting you.

2003-04-08 - Jane Rene' Hosack
My father was from Scenery Hill, PA. His name was Kerfoot D. Hosack.
His father's name was David T. and Mother was Jane. If you think there may be
any chance of a tie-in let me know and I will give you a family members name in Charleroi, PA that has the Hosack family history.
Jane Hosack

2003-04-07 - Travis Smith
This is an amazing website... I am looking to see if this is my families history... i come from the Hugh Ingersoll family...

2003-03-30 - ken miller
Searching the web and saw Sharon LeAnn Poorman, remember a school friend with that name. Wonder if its the same person. California around 1950. Maybe she married a Harned ? Nice Site

2003-03-28 - rob
Hi, i have no connection,but if of any interest,here are the 105 Harnett's on the 2002 Kent electoral roll.

2003-03-27 - Christine Harned
I married Benjamin Jackson Hoffman Harned born 5/17/77.
We were married on August 3, 2002
My maiden name is Weaver
Christine Alyce Weaver 12/20/1969
mother- Alyce Kay (Brooks) Weaver 4/01/1935
father - Kenneth Weir Weaver 10/21/1929-9/02/2000

When will I see this on the website? Thank you!!

2003-03-22 - Lindsey Graham
Ran into this site... by total accident.. and I am listed on this webpage...

2003-03-18 - Erin Harned
I think it's really great that the Harneds have their own website it's just that i can't fin anythingabout the family i live with and love. If you can help me find my family tree E-mail me at

Thank you!

2003-03-12 - Becky Guinn
Just looked up my name on Google and was sent here...don't see Becky Guinn on your website but saw her (my) name on Google! Looks like you have a wonderful geneology going here, congratulations!

2003-03-10 - maria sofina wilson williams
I typed in William Wilson Nueces and your site came up. William Wilson was my grandfather. I am just trying to find out where I fit in. I couldn't figure out how to get any further.

2003-03-09 - Bud L. Trappett
I an a descendent of Julia Matilda Harned, daughter of David Harned and Julie Ann Ellis. This is the only iformation I have been able to find. Julia Matilda Harned married Frederick Augustus Smith, 9 Apr 1865 Boscobel, Grant Wisconsin. I would like to find more of my ancestors.

2003-03-06 - Clark Johnson
This is great stuff! I've been looking for this info for a long time. Robey Wentworth Harned was my great uncle. Edna and my grandfather were siblings. This will fill a lot of blanks.

2003-03-05 - Kevin Harned
I was poking around on the net and decided to try to find some Harned sites and here I am. It is a very nice site. Our family moved to Missouri in the late 60's but were originally from the little town of Boston Ky. My father is Daymond and my mother is Patricia Vittitow. There are 5 of us children, Glenn, Greg, Sonja, Debbie, and myself, Kevin. We all have families of our own now and have settled in the St. Louis area with 4 of us still living in Festus as does our parents. There are 10 grandchildren.

2003-02-27 - Craig Harned Hazelton
My Grandmother was Delia Harned who married one of the NY City Hazeltons who owned the Hazelton Brothers Piano Company. They produced Herbert Hazard Hazelton, my father circa 1887. I was born in NY City in 1949. I do not know the hame of my Grandfather who Delia married. I would be interested in any additional information.

Great Website

2003-02-22 - Gayle Rose Werneke
My grandmother was Martha Blanche Harned from near Sedalia, Missouri just north
perhaps at Beaman, Missouri. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your hard work and effort in creating this website.

2003-02-21 - Michael Ervin Harned

2003-02-19 - Karen Alana Harned Miller
My Father was born in Ohio - I'm not sure if he's related or not. He is Jack Mervin Harned. I enjoyed the site and would like to know if we are related. Thank you for sharing your research with others.

2003-02-12 - Vinton B. Harned
I would love to read some information on Norman Boyd Harned and Family.
Can you Help Me?

2003-02-08 - G.Goosen
Nice website.
gerrit goosen from the Netherlands

2003-02-08 - G.Goosen
Nice website.
gerrit goosen from the Netherlands.

Look at

2003-02-05 - Bradley Ray Teets
I happened upon your website by accident today. I am in the book as the son of Creigh M. Teets. I did not know your site existed. It is obvious you have done much research on the family history. Do you have the information on CD (perhaps for purchase) that could be accessed in the future, even if you move websites, etc. Also, if you maintain a list of peole to contact when you have questions or updates, I would appreciate being added to the list.

2003-02-04 - Lynn Morschhauser Jckson
In searching GOOGLE for "Morschhauser" information I ran across your site as having Morschhauser in your family listings. We are trying to find information about our German ancesters. My grandfather John Morschhauser 10/20/1886, and his sister Pauline were born in Nemetboly, Hungary. We have no information for Pauline. John's parents were Antony Morschhauser (9/7/1851), and Margaret Heier (5/13/1853), both born in Nemetboly Hungary. If you have any information about my ancestors, or relatives could you please contact me at the above e-mail.

Thank You

2003-01-24 - Jason Allen Harned
I am a social studies teacher and use information gained here all the time! Thanks!

2003-01-23 - Katherine Fleming
I have always been interested in my family history and it was exciting to see my mother (Carla Ann Fair)listed on a geneaology site! Thank you for all of your hard work.

Katherine Fleming

2003-01-20 - Lloyd and Hacker
Love the website!!! HUGE carter fan!!!!

2003-01-17 - IONA ROBERTS

2003-01-15 - Meredith Willey
Wow, I found my name under this website and it is actually me, except that my birthday is 4-5-82 not 81. Crazy!!!
Meredith Diane Willey

2003-01-11 - Robert Marshall Aitken
can't really get to what Im looking for or very much info..........

2003-01-10 - Lynda Burke
Your website is impressive. You are mistaken about your forbear having paid for Walt Whitman's tomb. Harned paid for the tomb and reimbursed himself in full from Whitman's estate.

2003-01-04 - (Philip) Daniel Brittain
Enjoyed your site.My father was Arthur Brittain, son of Orval Leo Brittain. I was born in Phoenix in 1946. I haven't done research for 20 years or so and am gradually easing back into it. I am a retired Army officer, currently teaching school (band) in Green Forest, Arkansas.
Softstuf - Tucson