Guestbook Archive - 2002

2002-12-30 - Bruce C. Harned
It is nice to have finally found this site. do you have any information anywhere on Harned Kentucky? I had the oppertunity to visit there last year and found out that it was settled by Harned's but found little more than that. Can you help.

2002-12-29 - Mary Cummings
You have a great web site! I'm the grandaugther of Amanda Harned (Roper).She was married to James Monroe Roper. Together they had 10 children. One of which died while in infancy. I have no information at all of the Harned side of my family. And would appreciate whatever you have.

2002-12-25 - Michael rooney
Very interesting I am looking for my uncle Harold Collins do you have an address or phone number? I AM very interested in more information

2002-12-23 - Claire Harned Hemphill
This was most interesting. Follows what I had expected. The New York connection was anticipated. Has anyone heard from Canada? Try LaPorte.

2002-12-20 - Dexter L. Lindsey
Would like to know more about the Lindseys, Brittains,etc. I have a wealth of information to share with people researching these names and also the Hurst Family.

2002-12-20 - David H Harned
A hearty thanks for all of your work.

2002-12-15 - Fred J. Howard
I found it through I was looking for my name and it showed up in this web site because I married Sylvia Harned. Sylvia died on May 8, 2002.

She would have loved this site.


2002-12-07 - Houston Charles Heizer
This is really interesting, i wish to find more details.

2002-12-04 - Lisa
Im looking for Brandon F Harned, if anyone has any info please contact me.Thanks

2002-11-25 - Maxine Young
I came across your site while googling an old friend I am trying to find - Susan Eiss. I haven't seen her since 1966. At that time she was about 20 years old, just married and living in Massachussets. We had grown up together in NYC (Queens) and gone our separate ways in college. That was the spring of our junior years at college. I lost touch after that. I wonder if she is the same Susan Eiss who married one of the Harned's in this family tree?

2002-11-25 - Krysta Anderson
My grandmother is Elizabeth Sybil Harned- Hoppes, i didnt know any history of her background til i was on here. thank you.

2002-11-23 - MIKE HARNED

2002-11-20 - Mary Elizabeth Loyd Sheely
I have really enjoyed this website. I had no idea there were enough Harned's to fill a book. My mother is Kathleen E. Harned Loyd. Thanks for all the hard work. Mary

2002-11-16 - Barbara June Ketsdever Lance
One of my daughters came across my name in your genealogy. I do not know how it came to be there, except that my daughter, Trina Lance, is named, as well as her father and my late husband, Joseph Edward Lance. I can't believe that she would not have named her siblings, and my parents, however. I am curious as to my link with the Harneds. In the relatively small amount of genealogical research I have done I have not run across that name before.

2002-11-13 - Amber Diane Harned
I think it is really cool that this website is here. I didn't even know what nationality "Harned" was. I don't know if there is like a master list of all the Harneds in the U.S., but I was wondering if you could sned me the address if there is.

2002-11-13 - Emily Stiles
hello, i found my name on your website, but i wasnt born in 1836 :P

2002-11-12 - Christine Laumeier
Hallo overthere,
google gave me your website when I asked for the name Wordekemper.
If you need informations about the german roots of the Wordekemper
family feel free to contact me.
Greetings from Germany.

2002-11-09 - Laurie Montgomery
My friend Janice Cale Sisler directed em this site, as she had provided some of the information for our family (WV Harneds--Descendants of one of the Edwards--)

Anyway, she had a printed copy of what may or may not be in the website. Is it possible to order such a book?


2002-11-01 - Daphne L. Webberson
Nice site. Deena and Eric are my husband's half-siblings. It's the first time we've found the Webberson name on-line when we haven't put it there.

2002-10-29 - Brenda Anderson
I think this site is great. My mother was Elizabeth Sybil Harned Gaines Hoppes. If I can supply any information or be helpful in any way, please feel
free to ask.
Brenda Anderson

2002-10-28 - Joshua Bain Harned
I really enjoyed this website. I went to and typed in my full name and this website cam up. I said my name and birthdate and the names of my family. Just to let you know my birthdate is august 21, 1987 not august 11, 1987.

2002-10-28 - Janet Kenney Weiler
It is very informative. Hope to have more time to look at the information it contains.

2002-10-20 - Kate Harned
This is incredible! I didn't have a clue about my family history! Thanks for helping me sort out my past!

2002-10-17 - ashley harned
Put me and my sister Amber on under William Micheal Harned

2002-09-27 - Ben Clinton Douglas and Anjanette Pepper Douglas
Just discovered ourselves on your site!! We will email you with new details. Thanks. Great site.

2002-09-02 - Kristy Tinsley Jackson
I'm fascinated!!!! I'm part of the family. Jeane and Sam Tinsley's baby daughter! :)
Stop by my site sometime and say HI!

2002-08-29 - steven l williams
the web site is super and wonderful
i which i could copy the part i need for my family history of henry frank harned and back. i could not do it thru the web site. i would like the references also
could i pay you to copy it out of your book and mail it to me?

Steven L. Williams
12511 FArmbrook Drive
Louisville, KY 40243-2127

2002-08-26 - Jeffrey A. Waldo Sr.
Hello, really enjoyed your web page. I haven't been able to get anyone to assist with a project like this; so what did you do or recommend that I do to get a web page? Thank you for allowing the rest of us to view your hard work.

2002-08-23 - Jean Harned Boyle
Fun to come back and read a little more each time. Just talking to my aunt - Barbara Harned Dorsett, and sent her the link - she didn't know about the site.
Thanks for all the effort.

2002-08-18 - Louwiel Sevilla Picasales
hi! am from philippines and i'm surfing for my family and relatives here and abroad in yahoo. but one thing i've noticed was only this site was given by yahoo server. i don't have much knowledge about this site but i'm interested for in turns out i found my family name in this site. thanks and hoping to hear much more about the PICASALES family.

2002-08-11 - Joanne Smith
Wonderful site! Was surprised though to not see Ella Littlefield or her daughter, Flora's names as Ella was the first wife of Buckskin Charlie AKA John Harned. Ella was my great-great aunt. Also, trying to figure out which of the many John's mentioned in your database is Buckskin Charlie as I have him (b) 1846 & (d) 1923. Thanks again for all the hard work you've put into your site.
Joanne Smith, Cousin by marriage.

2002-08-10 - Diane Caudle
I was doing a search on Rorkes and was directed to your website..I found the John Rorke I was looking for, he was married to Elizabeth Bostwick around 1826 at Friends Meeting House, New Market, Ontario. I was trying to establish a relationship between John Rorke and my ggrandmother, Alberta May Rorke(Minnesota) her daughter, Marriet May Batson (b. 1903 Sleepy Eye, MN), had a plate that was from John and Elizabeth's wedding set. I'm not sure how John Rorke ties into the Harneds, but have noticed that they are all Quakers and left the NE area of the states after the Revolutionary war. If you have any info, please email me. Thanks, Diane

2002-08-08 - dena marie robitaille
Wow! I am overwhelmed... great job!

2002-08-05 - Janet Robitaille (Harned)
Very interesting!! I am from Michigan. My father's name is Elmer Harned.
His parents were... Sidney and Elsie Harned.

2002-08-03 - karengierman
Please let me know where the starks are in your family. Everywhere I look for stark this site comes up and for some reason I can not find a stark here thanks

2002-07-27 - Tiffany Veeneman
Very interesting. Some updating: My grandmother is Carrie Miller Wise and her daughter is Carolgene Wise Veeneman. Married Thomas Dale Veeneman. Children are: Tiffany Pryor Veeneman Barry 1973, Tristan Dale Veeneman 1974, Brittany Weir Veeneman Denham 1976.

2002-07-13 - Terri Lee (Harned) Snell
84th annual Harned-Lewis Reunion being held at "Burgess Park" 714 E. Park St. Titusville, PA 16354 on August 11, 2002 from Noon until ???
We have games, white elephant sales, buffet lunch, and parlimentary meeting !

2002-07-08 - Carl G. de Leonard
My sister, Leona Emma (ne.Zimmerman; de Leonard; Harned)(died on January 11, 1998), married Edward Hicks Harned on May 3, 1941 (died on October 11, 1971), whose father was John Henry Harned who married Margaret Elsy. Edward Hicks Harned and Leona Harned had one (1) child, Edward Hicks Harned, Jr,, born on April 26, 1946. Last known address was Brooklyn, New York.

2002-07-07 - jacquelyn shaw carpino
Interesting. My maternal grandmother was a Kansas Horsley family.

2002-07-06 - Steven Hoskinson
(From the Kentucky Hoskinsons: Steven-Willard-Noah-Henry Hobbs--Rev. John Wesley--Rev. William {husband of Nancy Harned-daughter of Nathaniel Harned.}) A painstakingly researched, and warmly written resource. Wonderful. thanks.

2002-07-05 - Rebecca L. Sharbutt
It is a great site I've enjoyed reading it very much and I'm sure my children will also
Thank you


2002-06-28 - Ronald Dale Harned
Hello Harneds everywhere!

I enjoy this site and have put it on my favorites list. I'll be visiting this
great page again. Excellent job. God Bless

2002-06-23 - Julie Orenstein
Great site! I have information on a line you haven't developed. What's the best way for me to get that information to you?

2002-06-04 - Dave E Harned
very interesting

2002-05-26 - Margaret "Lynne" Harned Roffino
What a family!!

2002-05-11 - Patrick Wentzel
Found this site tonight. Looking for more info on Robert Harned's miniature circus and info on his Father's Merry-Go-Round. Hope someone can help.

Nice site1

Patrick Wentzel - National Carousel Association Carousel Census Chairman
Circus Model Builders Lot 2 Manager.

2002-05-02 - margaret anne harned-vote
I'm finding many interesting facts due to your site. I am also working on my families geanology, so this is perfect for me. thanks for all your hard work. maggie vote(harned is my miden name)

2002-05-02 - Shasda Inez Harned Guier
This is great! I have enjoyed looking at everything!

2002-04-28 - George Thomas Harned, Jr
No comment at this time. This is my first visit to the web site.

2002-03-17 - Michael W. McDermitt
Great site. My paternal grandmother's maternal grandmother was
named Margaret Harned. Just starting out and hope to connect to
your tree.

2002-03-03 - JILL ZINCK
Dear Harneds,
I was told that you have a book of the Harneds of North America.
for sale. I would like to know how to purchase it. I would like to
give it as a gift to a dear friend. Jenney Graham as her father was
a Harned. I can be reached at please give me the
necessary information.

2002-03-01 - Earl Jerome Harned
My father,Benjamin Larkin Harned , was born in Hopkinsville, KY. in 1882.His mother was a member of the Grey family. I would like to communicate with someone who can tell me more? Thanks.

2002-02-16 - Ray
Is the book "The Harned's of North America" still available? Please
let me know how to find or order a copy.

Thank You!

2002-02-11 - Gary Harned
I think I might be related to the Kentucky side of the family. I don't have muchinformation to prove it though. Maybe you can help?

2002-02-10 - Carol Kroll
I am so impressed by all the hard work put into this website as well as the research into our family geneology.

I would just like to Thank you for all your hard work.
Carol Harned Kroll

I have enjoyed my surfing with this site. I will continue to use it to help with my research.

2002-01-14 - MaryLynn
Love your site, very functional, informative and quick. I even found a Bawcutt listed. I wonder if her family is interested in genealogy? If so they can visit which is my one-name study site. I'm trying to piece this small family together.

2002-01-12 - B. Harned
I really love this site. I think that our family history is so interesting. Thank you for doing what you do.
Softstuf - Tucson