Guestbook Archive - 2001

2001-12-31 - mary ann myers
Would like to submit more info on my Harned family connections.
Martha Jane Harned Carroll g-grandmother(father's side) & Benj. Jerome Harned g-grandfather(mother's side)in KY
What's the best way to do this? I have a lot to add & have corresponded with Tom & Judy about Pery Lee Harned(TN).

2001-12-30 - Trina Lance
Just for fun, I put my name into the search engine and voila, there I was on the Harned Family Tree! My mother, Barbara Ketsdever Lance is our family geneologist and has mentioned my Harned ancestors frequently. You've done a wonderful job with this website and I can't wait to tell my mom about it. Best wishes,

Trina Lance
Daughter of Barbara Ketsdever and Joseph Lance

2001-12-17 - Joy Lynn (Lynch) Harper
Researching the Lynches. How do the Harneds link with Thomas Jefferson LYNCH?

2001-12-10 - Leland T. Kennedy
It was not until an interview in Nov 2001 with Carrie Miller Wise that I discovered a link to the Harned family. This link was the marriage of Sallie Harned to Curtis Norton Miller. One of their sons, Coll, married Ruth Kennedy, my aunt. I have since been in contact with Tom Harned who has been most gracious in answering some of my questions.

Your site is fabulous and exudes the warmth of people who truly care about their family and represents many years of dilligent and hard work. Congratulations on your results.


Leland T. Kennedy

2001-12-08 - Danny and Rhonda Wathen
Great website!! Has really helped and nice to find one that actualy connects to present time.

2001-12-08 - Danny and Rhonda Wathen
Great website!! Has really helped and nice to find one that actualy connects to present time. If anyone need information on the Harneds in KY (and ones that married Troutmans/Trautmans/Trautmanns) don't hesitate to email us!

2001-11-30 - Sheri Ann (Harned) Munoz
This is a great way to find out were we came from and relatives we are not aware of.

2001-11-27 - Linda Harned Moffatt
Dear John, Tom, and other "family" members,
I think this website it great, and have been browsing it for some time now. I also emailed Tom (I think) a few weeks ago with some further info on my family, including that my father William Charles Harned, b. 8-8-20, died this year 4-25-01 at the age of 80. I remember my grandfather Charles Arthur Harned very well, and have been regaled with stories of my GREAT-grandfather, William Paris Harned, my whole life. I have yet to get a contact for you for my Aunt Mary Louise's family, but will do that just as soon as I think to remember it. One of the things I had asked Tom about was family history of addictions, since it has played a major role in this particular branch of the family, especially alcoholism and eating disorders. The other two things I'm curious about with regard to the Harned family in general are these: Despite these health problems, our Harneds seem especially hale and hearty, and long-lived. My grandfather was strong and healthy until he died at age 88. His sister Alta was well into her nineties. My great-grandfather was 92 when he died, and HIS father was 96 (we have a picture of him on his motorcycle when he was in his nineties.) The other noteable trait I'm curious about with the other "branches" is the tendency to be annoyingly effective practical jokers! My dad was rather famous for it, as was my grandfather, and on up the line.

These are just a few of my comments--I love the site and have learned a lot. Thank you for spending so much time and effort on it. I also neglected to mention in my updated family info that I sent to Tom a few weeks ago, that my cousin Jim (James Doody Harned, son of Max Raymond Harned) died the week before my dad, on April 17, 2001.

Again, thanks for providing this site and maintaining it. If I can help at all, please let me know.

2001-11-13 - Jill Clark
A belated congratulations on being chosen as Uncle Hiram's Home Page of the Month for August 2001! (I'm the one who turned in the site for him to look at! ;)

2001-10-30 - BJ Taylor
I was thrilled to find your sight. And will be sending you an update of one of the branches of Sarah Harned and William Daniels. You really openedd the door for more research.

2001-09-25 - Marc Golightly
Mother's side of family is direct line from James Chichester

2001-09-23 - Nancy Bonham Wojcik
I loved your site!! I'd like to thank you. I'm a descendant of Henry Moore as well. I end up at Lovisa (Louisa) Freeman. She was my gr-gr-grandmother. Unfortunately, I find her husband as Samuel Orvis Lamb and William Lamb. It's so frustrating but at least I've been able to pin point Lovisa Freeman as a direct line. Thanks for your help and I looked thru the rest of your site and enjoyed it as well.

2001-08-27 - Lois Harned Jordan
I am a descendent of John Schyrock Harned and Ruth Green married ca.1820. They had 11 children. The Youngest, John Schyrock Harned,Jr. married Sarah Davis. They had 7 children. The oldest, Robert D. Harned, b. 3 -25-1868, married Sarah Burkhart. They had 5 children. The oldest, Clyde C. Harned, b. 4-9-1901, married Frances White in 1927. I am their child. I married Carl Jordan, 1954 and we have three children, married, and four granchildren. It was exciting to discover the Harned web pages!!

2001-08-19 - GEORGE A. HARNED
i am just starting to look up my family history and i am enjoying what i am finding so far. but i would like to learn about my grandfathers family his name was GEORGE CARL HARNED HE DIED IN YUCCA VALLEY CALIFORNIA IN AUGUST OF 1971.


P.O. BOX 654

2001-08-08 - Karl L. Bussmeyer
I'm investigating about my relatives in America.
Till today i found Elizabeth Bussmeyer, Adele Bussmeyer, Michael D. Bussmeyer.
Is there anybody who knows these persons and will be in a position to tell me more about them?
Many,many thanks in anticipation.
Kind regards
Karl L. Bussmeyer
Gladbeck - Germany

2001-08-08 - Lori Peacock
Hi John and Tom, I finally found you again since moving from AZ to MI. This site looks fantastic. I looked through and it looks to me like you might have finally connected my side in with yours from William McCarty Harned. Last I knew we still didn't know where he fit in. I just wanted to tell you this looks great and to get back in touch with you.

Talk to you later Lori Peacock

2001-08-06 - Lauren Wynn Gary
I just found your website today and really enjoyed it! Thank you for all the work you've put into it. I was Lauren Leigh Wynn until Oct. 14, 2000 and I married Mark Anthony Gary. My grandfather was John Wisdom Harned, Jr. of Christian County, Kentucky. Thanks again!
2001-08-05 - Joyce E. Medford

I am doing research on William Holdsworth Jr (Oct. 6,1878-Aug 20,1962 & Jeannette Hartley (Dec.8, 1884-Jun 30, 1960)

2001-07-30 - Nancy
Thank you for the print of Keith's family circle chart.
In Keith's work, "Keith, Porter and Harned Lines", Keith's statement on page 12, "The names, Jonathan and Nathaniel are family names." Question : Is Nathaniel a family name? Jonathan surely came down to us from Jonathan Porter;
as Edward did for Edward Sr.and Edward Jr. Anyone have information and documentation for the name, Nathaniel? Using the H.of N.A. sources for Jonathan #2 material, Question : Which source was used for Rebecca Jones d/o Benjamin Jones, as Jonathan's wife?

2001-07-30 - Nancy
With today's computer programs, moving through the information is easy, but the problem is that mis-information just travels faster. Case in point : Nathaniel Harned, of Woodbridge and "Annah Closson" were married at Woodbridge, 4th month 24th, 1742. Ref. is New York Gen and Biog. Record, Vol.8 p.181, Oct 1877, Listed under "Records of Rahway and Plainfield, N.J. Question : What is your documentation for this Nathaniel married to Anna Clarkson when John Clarkson did not have a daughter named Anna? Thank you.

2001-07-16 - Michael Pertti Harned
Thank you for all your hard work was able to trace my family history all the way back to 1566...WOW. just one correction I married Gina Marie Larson and we now have 2 kids Heather Lynn Harned 1/7/1995 & and Sean Michael Harned 10/4/1996 and we were married on 1/18/1992 more Harned History to add too the tree please keep in touch thank you again.
Thank you,
Michael P Harned and Family

2001-07-05 - Linda Van Norman
I am related to the Harned's (Edward Harned, Kent England) 13 generations back. I loved your site, easy to use and maneuver. I will check often to see if anyone gets farther back than this. I'm thrilled!
Edward to Edward Sr. to Edward M.1 Harnett Jr to Jonathan (2) to Edward (7) to Rebecca wife of Wm Rittenhouse to Abner Rittenhouse to Obediah Rittenhouse to Margaret (Rittenhouse) Critchet to Avalinda (Critchet) Klasner to Wm D. Klasner to Claude S. Klasner to Patricia (Klasner) Harding to ME. JUST GREAT!!!!

2001-06-07 - Susan Saraceno
My husband and I recently purchased the Roderick W. Sill House in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. We had no information on Roderick Sill and were thrilled to find information regarding the dates of his birth, death and marriage to Louisa Clarke Bull. You have no idea how excited I was to find your site. Thank you so much. Susan Saraceno

2001-06-02 - Todd W. Harned
I find it interesting to learn more about our family history, than just "two brothers migrated from Idaho to California.

2001-06-02 - Todd Wayne Harned
You have me in the family tree, however my birthdate is 1969 not 1974 and my mothers name is Agnes Jenkins, also you have one of my sons listed- todd glen harned his dob is 7-16-1989, also there is trevor cody harned 11-5-1991 thier mother is Kelley Anna Kueter, there is also Roger Harned dob 9-26-1990, and Quentien Trey Harned dob 5-17-1997

2001-05-27 - Peter Harned
Great site,Good job,If I can help please let me know

2001-05-21 - Ronda Hart (Harned)
My Father is James Woodall Harned, my Grandfather was Donald Edward Harned.

2001-05-08 - Samuel N. Wise
So far, I find this very interesting. I would like to know, however, in the Confederate Civil War lists, why do you have Atkinson Lee Harned listed by his nickname, ACK? That would be very hard to trace if you didn't know who he was.

2001-04-30 - Brad Harnett
I'm trying to research my family history in Newfoundland, Canada. My Great-grandfather Cornelius Harnett (1860-1915) lived in Campbellton, Nf. but I cannot find any brothers or sisters or info on his family or origin. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really like this site and will send more family members your way.

Brad Harnett

2001-04-26 - Pamela Page
I've really enjoyed the sight and am waiting for confirmation from Tom to find out if we are indeed linked to these family members. My grandmother was Buelah Wisdom Harned Price. Anyone who knows anything please contact us.

2001-04-18 - Julia Harnett
There are a lot of Harnett's living in Canada, particularly the East Coast (Newfoundland). Have you found much information on them?

2001-04-12 - Gayla Faye Harned Houchens
I really enjoy this site. Who knew there are and have been so many Harneds. If you have any questions regarding the Harneds in Hopkinsville Ky or the surrounding areas please contact me. If I can't help you my mother can who has done alot of research on her own.

2001-04-05 - Leslie Harned
Very interesting!

2001-03-12 - Jill Clark
Seems like you have added to and refined your site since I last visited. Thanks so much! I still find it very interesting and helpful. One of these days I hope it gets proper recognition for being one of the better surname websites. I'm sorry I never sent you my GEDCOM, like I intended, for your most recent revision of the Harned family tree. You have most of the Harned-Syers info. though, thanks to my third cousin Yvonne Syers Rich.

2001-03-10 - Robin Rice Badley
I am a GGreat-granddaughter of William McCarty Harned and Anna Overholts. Through their daughter, Nellie May Harned and Artemus Charles Rice. Then through their son, William Burr Rice and Nettie Eliza Kern. Their son, Ted Alden Rice, Sr., was my father.

This is a very nice site. Glad to have found it.

2001-03-09 - Ron Brown
Though I have found my line which I did contribute there seems to be a few errors in my line as well as a few people missing and I hope you contact me for this information so I can get your site updated. Thanks again Ron Brown.
Softstuf - Tucson