Children of Nathaniel Harned

5. Jonathan Harned (w1) - b: 18 Feb 1744 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 13 Jan 1814 at Woodbridge; m: 24 Jul 1766 at Plainfield, Essex Co, NJ, Sarah Laing, b: 29 Mar 1738, d: 10 Jul 1821. Family tradition claims that Jonathan accompanied his father to New Brunswick after his father's property was confiscated, and then returned to Woodbridge at a later date. His children's births are listed in the Friends records at Woodbridge, but could have been added upon his return. He made his will on 28 Feb 1810, and it was probated on 8 Feb 1814. Bequests were made to sons John, Jonathan and David, to granddaughter Sarah, and to four daughters (only Sarah named). Sarah was buried in the Plainfield Friend's Burying Ground.

5. David Harned (w1) - b: 7 Mar 1746 at Woodbridge; d: bef 30 Sep 1815; m: Ann Harrison Davison Langley, widow of Joseph Langley, d: 9 Aug 1805, dau. of John Harrison of Suffolk Co, NY. He did not remove with father to New Brunswick, CAN. He shows in Augusta and Rockingham Cos VA 1775-89, where on 16 Aug 1777 he and John Owens entered a sworn deposition that William Hinton had appeared at David's house with an armed force and declared himself in favor of the British Crown. In 1789 he shows on a list of landowners of Rockingham Co, with 9 acres of land. In 1804 Augusta Co court records identify David Harnett as being Reuben Moore's uncle. David sold his land in Rockingham Co prior to 1805 to remove to New Jersey, having arranged for Reuben to care for his wife Ann. In 1807 one Reuben Moore leaves to his son Reuben "all of the plantation purchased of David Harnet". By 1815 David, Ann and Reuben had all died. (Keith, Fam; DAR, NJ; DAR, PA; Midlsx Co Rec; Rockingham Co Land; Rockingham Co Petitions; Rockingham Co Militia; Rockingham Co Wills; NY Tree; Fam Tree; Friends Birth; Shotwell, Gen; Chalkley, Scotch-Irish; Wayland, Rockingham Hist; Wilson, Patriots; Chalkley, Scotch-Irish)

5. Anne Harned (w1) - b: 3 Dec 1748 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: May 1803; m: 12 Dec 1781, Shotwell Bishop, b: 10 Feb 1755, d: 29 Oct 1827, son of James Bishop and Elizabeth Shotwell. Shotwell inherited land at Woodbridge from his father and grandfather. He served as a Private in the Middlesex Co Militia and as Captain in Asher Fitz Randolph's Company of the New Jersey State Troops, Middlesex County Militia.

5. Nathan Harned (w2) - b: 6 Feb 1752 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 31 Aug 1753, Woodbridge.

5. John Harned (w2) - b: 27 Feb 1754 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ.

5. Phineas Roof Harned (w2) - b: 9 Feb 1756 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 16 Feb 1824 at Woodbridge; m: 14 Jun 1782 at New York NY, Mary Winance. He removed with his father to New Brunswick, Canada, but returned to NJ. He appears on the tax lists for 1810 through 1824. He was a shoemaker and a Quaker. His will, dated 19 May 1821 at Woodbridge, was probated 5 Mar 1824.

5. Nathaniel Harned (w2) - b: 13 Dec 1757 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: bef. 1765.

5. Rachel Harned (w2) - b: 16 Jul 1759 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 5 Jun 1805 at Federicton, NB, CAN; m: Francis McBeath, b: 1765, d: 30 May 1815 at Fredericton, NB, CAN.

5. Eunice Elizabeth Harned (w2) - b: 1761 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 9 Dec 1819 at Frederickton, NB, CAN; m: Robert Smith, b: 1751, d: 23 Apr 1820 at Fredericton. He was co-owner of a steamship company. They are buried at the Loyalist Burial Ground, Fredericton. No children.

5. Mary Harned (w2) - b: 9 Nov 1763 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 13 Mar 1806 at Saint John, NB, CAN; m: 15 Nov 1781 at NY, George Younghusband, b: 1759, d: 23 May 1807 at Baltimore, MD. She was disowned from Friends New York Monthly Meeting on 4 Jul 1782. George signed a land petition in 1785 along with Nathaniel Harned, Rachel Harned and others.

5. Nathaniel Harned (w2) - b: 23 Dec 1765 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 7 Jul 1770, Woodbridge.

5. Eupheam Harned (w2) - b: 5 Oct 1767 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ.

5. Allward Harned (w2) - b: 27 Apr 1770 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 20 Mar 1839 at Fredericton, NB, CAN; m1: 31 Jan 1792, Sarah Flewelling, b: 25 Oct 1774; d: 26 Nov 1818 at Fredericton; m2: 23 Dec 1819 at Fredericton, NB, Mary Fowler, b: 1787, d: 26 Apr 1860 at Fredericton. He accompanied his mother to Canada on the ship "Tartar" in 1783, after the family property was confiscated. He is referenced in York Co, NB public records from 1807 to 1817. He was a carpenter and bricklayer who built many buildings in Fredericton including Government House. He was buried at Old Loyalist Burying Ground at Fredericton.

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