Children of John Harned

5. John Harned - b: ca. 1752 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; m: 20 Sep 1768, Rachel Allward. He shows at NYC, NY in 1800.

5. Nathaniel Harned - b: ca. 1754 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 1819; m: 19 May 1783 at NY, Sarah Cottrell. He was at NYC, NY in 1790 and 1800. His will was inventoried on 16 Oct 1819.

5. Jonathan Harned - b: 8 Aug 1756 at Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: 27 Nov 1845 at New York City; m: 8 May 1782 at NY, Mary Cottrell, b: 1759, d: 23 Apr 1852 age 93. He was a Quaker. He joined the Patriot Army and was disowned by his father. Family tradition says he was wounded at the battle of Princeton, NJ. In the General Return of the 4th Battalion, Philadelphia, July 1777, it is recorded that Jonathan Hornett "can't be found". The next return 20 Sep 1777 reports him as having "gone to sea". This fits family tradition, which says that he was captured by the British and sent to Jamaica as a prisoner, where he learned the tailor's trade. After the war he returned to New York City, set up as a merchant tailor, and became a man of wealth and influence. On 3 Dec 1792 James McGhonegar, age 13, was apprenticed for 7 yrs., 3 mos., 21 d. to Jonathan Harned, tailor. They lived at Pearl Street in NYC. In 1790 and 1800 he was at New York Co NY. Mary shows as "widow of Jonathan" in NYC Directories beginning in 1846.

5. Jacob Harned - b: 28 Feb 1758; d: 10 Jan 1822; m: 27 May 1782 at Smithfield, Suffolk Co NY, Mary Nichols, b: 7 May 1760, d: 11 Apr 1831, dau. of Benjamin Nichols of Smithtown, NY. He joined the Friends at Bethpage, NY in 1790. He shows in 1800 at Smithtown. He purchased land from T. Tredwell Smith in Suffolk Co in 1806, and sold land to Jesse Nichols the same year. He lived at or near Hauppage and Commack, NY. In 1810 he was listed as a freeholder in Smithtown qualified to serve as juror, but was off the list because of age in 1820. In 1820 he was at Huntington. He made his will 25 Oct 1813, which appointed as executors his sons John and Joel along with Benjamin B. Blydenburgh, and was witnessed by Selah Carll, Roswell Driggs, and son Amos Harned. The will was probated on 14 Jan 1822. A dispute between Jacob Harned and Elias Smith of Smithtown, and the Huntington Town Trustees regarding property boundaries resulted in Jacob and Elias posting a $2,000. bond on 27 Feb 1812, and the transfer of a piece of land to the Town on 21 March 1812. On 7 Dec 1824 three Wheeler brothers quit claimed a parcel of land to the Huntington Town Trustees which bounded land owned by "the heirs of Jacob Harned".

5. Eunice Harned - b: ca. 1760; m: 29 Sep 1780 at New York NY, James Adams. She was disowned from the New York Monthly Meeting of Friends on 4 Jan 1781.

5. Miriam Harned - b: 23 Nov 1761; never married.

5. Mary Harned - b: ca. 1762; m: 20 Apr 1796 at NYC, NY, William Hulsart.

5. Asher Harned - b: ca. 1764. Probably died young, as no record has been found.

5. Joseph Harned - b: ca 1766. Probably died young, as no record has been found.

5. Reuben Harned - b: ca. 1768, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, NJ; d: bef 1850; m: at Smithfield, Brookhaven Twp, Suffolk Co, NY, Hannah Ackerly, b: 6 Apr 1775 at Patchogue, NY; d: 13 Aug 1850, dau of Stephen and Dorothy Ackerly. Family tradition is that he was disinherited by his father because he was a patriot. He shows in 1800 and 1810 at Brookhaven, Suffolk Co, NY. Late in life he told his grandson Samuel about seeing the Hessian soldiers at Trenton during the Revolution, and that he visited his uncle Elijah. In 1850 Hannah was living with daughter Phoebe Crowell at Brookhaven.

5. Jasper Harned - b: ca. 1770.

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